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In Two Years Bayelsa Children Will Stop Attending Private Schools’

Markson Fefegha

 Markson Fefegha is the Commissioner for Education in Bayelsa State. In this interview, the former school teacher argues that public schools, despite their shortcomings, have better quality than their private counterparts. He also boasts that the state will soon become the first destination for young people seeking sound education in the country. Emmanuel Addeh presents excerpts

How ready is Bayelsa State educationally to take on emerging challenges, given the importance of capacity building in developing societies?

In Niger Delta we talk about resource control, but you get there and our people are not there. If for example, Shell says we are abandoning this project for you now, how many Bayelsa people are ready to take it up? We will still be looking for external persons to come and help us. So the vision of the governor is that we must build human capital and education is the way to do that.
In those days, when one was admitted into private school, it was like playing second fiddle because he couldn’t gain admission to a public school. We called them commercial schools in those days. Today, so many states rely on these private schools. I taught in a private school. First thing you should realise is that the private schools don’t have qualified teachers.

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