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Do You Suffer From Memory Loss ?

As human beings we are complex and intricate in makeup and build. The human brain, comprising the very dense web of nerves, which  controls and marshals your daily life through the sending of signals to and from the relevant lobes . These flow through our nerve pathway for us be able to function as intellectuals with a good memory function. Without your memory working efficiently, you would suffer memory loss. This is simply forgetting things. Wandering about semi confused, trying to remember what you want to do or say. This is simply put , forgetfulness.

Memory loss, also called AMNESIA, happens when a person loses the ability to remember information and events they would normally be able to recall. It could be something that happened seconds or minutes ago, or a memorable event that occurred in the past. The loss of memory may have started suddenly, or it may have been getting worse over the last year or so. It’s normal to become a bit forgetful as you get older. However, memory loss could be a symptom of something more serious and should be checked by a doctor .

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