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Secret Trial, Sharia Law: ‘Nnamdi Kanu’ Writes U.S President, Donald Trump

Dear President Donald J Trump;
Permit me to start this letter by saying; in Biafraland today, everybody see himself/herself as Nnamdi Kanu who continue to suffer persecution in the hands of Islamic Nigerian State. It is in view of this reality that I address you; Mr. President using his revered name as the writer without his consent because; what affects him affect us all – Biafrans.
“I am a victim of Sharia law which I did not consent or have anything to do with; I am not a Muslim and neither a citizen of any Islamic country. I am a believer of the Almighty God- Creation Himself, God of Moses and Elijah and a descendant of Isaac, Jacob, and David etc. Since 2015 I was arrested in Nigeria by an Islamic fanatic Muhammadu Buhari; the Court has proven that I have no case and have not committed any crime known to the Nigerian constitution. Two competent Court of jurisdiction had ordered my release which Muhammadu Buhari flouted. But just when I faced a compromised Court- his puppet, there is a conspiracy to try me in secret and keep the eyes of the world away from their evil. I have fought vigorously; consistently argued under the constitution why secret trial is evil and criminal.
Surprisingly; I was on the adjourned date of 20 March and the trial Judge declared that my trial is no longer based on common law or Nigeria constitution but based on Islamic law (Sharia law). This is the greatest evil and neither will I allow this religious terrorism; I am not a Muslim, I forbid Islam and the law of Islam will not kill an infidel they called me.

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