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Nightingale-Bamford School


Nightingale-Bamford School is an all-women’s day school located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Diversity plays an important role on and off campus: More than 30% of the student population is made up of students of color and students are encouraged to go on the various study abroad trips that span the globe.

Curricular enrichment includes a freshman class trip to the U.K., specialized programs in science, creative writing, visual education, and theater, taking full advantage of the school’s prime New York City location.

Awards, Ranking, Alumni, Tuition:

  • Three Semi-finalists in the National Achievement Scholarship Program in 2008
  • Ranked in the top 80 of 31,700 schools nationwide for placing students in the Ivies, according to Worth magazine
  • Alumnae include U.S. Representative Millicent Fenwick, political consultant Mandy Grunwald, actress Sarah Thomson, and children’s author Cecily von Ziegesar
  • Tuition: $38,820

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