(VIDEO) Lady Abandons Her Marriage To Move In And Take Care Of Disabled Sister

In a heartwarming tale of sisterly devotion, a woman has made the difficult decision to leave her marriage behind and move in with her sister, Salah Saidi, who has faced immense challenges due to a disability.

Salah, now 55 years old and a mother of four, has struggled with complications in her legs since she was just seven years old….CONTINUE READING

Woman and her disabled sister

Over time, her ability to walk deteriorated, and she eventually resorted to crawling on the ground.

Despite the hardships she faced, Salah’s indomitable spirit never wavered. Her family tirelessly searched for a cure, but unfortunately, medical options were prohibitively expensive, and Salah had to accept her physical disability as a permanent part of her life. Nevertheless, her determination remained unbroken.

Salah’s life has been marked by continuous challenges since her birth, and as she grew older, she encountered even more obstacles. Becoming a mother at a young age, she found herself raising her children alone, as their fathers shirked their responsibilities.

With her limited abilities, Salah struggled to provide for her children, relying heavily on her family, particularly her sister Amina, who became her unwavering support and constant companion.

It was during one of Amina’s visits that she truly understood the extent of Salah’s struggles. Witnessing her sister’s daily hardships, Amina made a selfless and courageous decision.

She convinced her husband to relocate so that she could live with Salah and offer the support she desperately needed. Although Amina’s husband initially agreed, he later reneged on his promise and chose to marry another woman instead.

Amina, undeterred by this setback, paid a heavy price for her sister’s well-being by sacrificing her own marriage….CONTINUE READING