(Watch Video): “I Need Help Urgently Please” – Actress Yewande Adekoya Says As She Reveal What She Is Currently Passing In Marriage.

Actress Yewande Adekoya has shared a video online requesting she need help urgently.

The actress through the video requested she need advise from her followers, she went further saying she had a sister in-law which her name is madam buga and she is the eldest sister to her husband, she reveal how this woman is victimizing her life in her husband house….CONTINUE READING

According to her, I don’t know what to do again on her , going further she reveal how the sister came to there house to spend few weeks with them knowing that husband is not in Nigeria presently.

The actress which seems to be serious, elaborate more on the issue she is currently facing in her husband house, yewande reveal how her sister in-law has been on debt in there area buy borrowing different kind of amount ranging from 200k to over 2millions.

She asked her followers on how she can chase her mother inlaw fro there house

Her Caption: I NEED HELP!!! This is a matter of Urgency🙏😩😩...CONTINUE READING

Watch The Video Below;