3 reasons why the rainy season is the best period for intercourse

Ever wondered why the rainy season is referred to as weather for two? this is because of the pure satisfaction it offers during intimacy. Every couple in a relationship can decide to have intercourse anytime or any season but the majority believe that it is more satisfying during the rainy season. Since every couple performs intercourse for pleasure, they require the best weather condition and temperature. Here are five reasons the rainy season is considered best for intercourse….CONTINUE READING

1. It is romantic: some people feel uncomfortable making sounds during intimacy, therefore they keep this sensational feeling to themself. This stressful process makes the whole activity lack satisfaction. In situations where it’s raining, the sound of falling water and thunder makes it impossible for your partner to hear the sounds you make, therefore you become free and confident throughout the activity.

2. it reduces excessive sweat: intimacy is considered a form of exercise because the parties involved lose calories through sweat during the process. If excess sweat is released, the couples become uncomfortable and usually bailout of the activity. The airflow during the rainy season makes it the perfect time for intimacy as less sweat is released. When there is excess cold, intercourse is a satisfying way to generate warmth.


3. It allows more intimacy and bonding: while couples try to maintain their distance during the summer for proper ventilation, and wrap themselves in heavy clothing during winter because of excess cold, the rainy season makes you rather want to cuddle your partner during the massive airflow and evenly downfall. This romantic act generates a feeling of love and the connection between couples.


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