Reasons Why Babies Should Avoid Sleeping On Their Stomachs

Sleep is necessary for a baby’s physical and mental development. Furthermore, knowing how safe their sleeping position is is critical because certain sleeping positions for babies might result in suffocation death. I’ll be explaining the reasons why babies shouldn’t sleep on their stomachs based on a study published in….CONTINUE READING

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1. According to several studies, this position is not safe for your baby. Because of the pressure that develops on the jaws, it may impede breathing and narrow the airway. It also stop the amount of oxygen reaching the baby’s lungs and body cells, resulting in cellular metabolism issues. It can cause breathing difficulties and possibly suffocation.

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Secondly, putting babies to sleep on their stomachs is not safe because it can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Death can occur for no obvious reason and can occur even in a healthy newborn….CONTINUE READING