Sleeping With An Onion On Your Feet Has These Health Advantages.

What Are the Advantages of Sleeping With an Onion Under Your Feet?

It is not an esoteric ceremony, but rather a health-improvement technique. Make it a habit to do it before going to bed and reap the benefits.

According to the Agroalimentary Technological Institute of Spain, onions are excellent antiviral and immune system boosters….CONTINUE READING

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Why are you on your feet?

They improve our health by stimulating them through absorption.

What is the purpose of it?

The only thing you need to do is slice a white or purple onion into slices and place them on the arch of your foot with socks or a shoelace, not too tight, to avoid circulation issues.

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As a result, it has the following effects: Aids in the battle against infections

-Aids in the removal of toxins

It revitalizes, removes the unpleasant odor from the feet, and keeps your skin hydrated.

-Get rid of the blood.

-Aids in the circulation of blood.

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