This Is The Reason Why Men Should Drink Onion Juice Before Going To Bed

Onion is a very nice vegetable which is very good for both males and females.

Onions contain many phytochemicals, which boost the production of Vitamin C which helps strengthen the immune system and fight off toxins that weigh down on stamina, among other things. Onion juice play a crucial role in the lives of men but a lot of men are not aware of this. Every man should try and take in onion juice before bed for these reasons;...CONTINUE READING

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Onion strengthens reproductive organs and increases testosterone, which boosts libido in men. Few people know that onions are potent aphrodisiacs. Onion juice helps increase the production of testosterone in the body. Onion juice help maintain the hardness of the male organ during intimacy and increase stamina, which helps prolong the act.

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Research shows that taking three tablespoons of onion juice mixed with ginger extract every day increases sperm count and boosts libido considerably. The juice of onions works directly on the endocrine glands, which produce stamina- boosting hormones for intimacy with parners. Onion helps in the body functions and processes

For best results, it is suggested to mix ginger and garlic with onion juice and then sip it slowly. It is done to allow the body system to adjust to the bitter liquid. Combining onion with garlic is an excellent idea for achieving a better stamina these vegetables contain a powerful compound called allicin which helps the arteries relax and facilitates faster blood circulation, thereby enabling more blood to rush to the male organ during intimacy....CONTINUE READING

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