Male Infertility Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

The difficulties of infertility are experienced by many couples. Sometimes, the fact of not achieving a pregnancy is associated with both of them, and sometimes only with one of them. Like women, men also have problems with fertility. Dysfunctions in discharge, hormonal problems, changes in sperm and testicle size can lead to difficulties in reproduction….CONTINUE READING

The diagnosis of male infertility is in fact given by the doctor after performing some tests, but there are signs that indicate infertility in men. According to Men’s Health – These symptoms must be observed when there is a suspicion of male fertility.

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The size and appearance of the testicles is one of the indications. When one of them is much smaller than the other, when there is a visible mass in one of them or even when there is a bunch of visible veins, it is a warning sign. Besides, difficulty to urinate also indicates some problem in the testicles. If the problem is hormones, the testicles can be too small and soft. Problems that are related to the testicles usually make it difficult to produce sperm. If, for example, the temperature is too hot, the sperm die. Thus, a man’s fertility is eventually compromised.

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Hormonal problems also affect a man’s fertility and alter some visible aspects in the body. Vision may be blurred, vocal changes, insomnia and irritability may occur, as well as gynaecomastia (development of the mammary gland). A hormonal imbalance, in general, interferes with the production of testosterone and sperm, making conception difficult.

Issues related to secretion present symptoms such as impotence and milky urine after discharge. Milky urine, which looks whitish or foamy, is a sign of retrograde discharge, where the sperm does not leave the body but goes into the bladder. These problems cause infertility due to the sperm not reaching the female reproductive organ.

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Also, special attention should be paid to sexually transmitted diseases, as they can eventually cause infertility. Although infertility is not a contagious condition, its original cause may have been. It is important to be aware of any symptoms of an STD and completely avoid s3xual contact without using a condom.

All these signs indicate health problems that affect reproduction. In these cases, the recommendation is to seek a urologist doctor and take a health history of the patient. With this, it will be possible to evaluate their condition for reproduction and, if necessary, implement an appropriate treatment….CONTINUE READING