Medical Problems Eating Watermelon With The Peels May Help Manage

If you discard your watermelon rinds, you may be discarding one of the most delicious components of the popular, luscious fruit. Many of the most vital nutrients are found in the rinds, stems, or peels of many delicious fruits and vegetables. And, contrary to popular opinion, the part of a meal that you generally toss out can occasionally rather delectable.

So, instead of putting the watermelon rind into your kitchen compost, consider all of the health advantages of watermelon rind the next time you enjoy this summertime, delicious, make-you-smile fruit....CONTINUE READING

While we all know the sweet, pink flesh is delicious and versatile, you’re losing out if you don’t try the white meat placed next to the green rind. That section, yes. The white, meaty section of the rind, it turns out, is remarkably adaptable in terms of how many ways you can dice, slice, pickle, and generally enjoy it as much as the sweeter, admittedly more attractive part of the melon.

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According to Healthline, the following 4 medical conditions can be managed by eating watermelon with it’s peel.

1. Erectile dysfunction.

Citrulline relaxes blood vessels and improves erectile dysfunction, according to researchers from Texas’ Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center. Citrulline in watermelon peel is an excellent natural herb for increasing intimate desire because of its capacity to improve blood flow.

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2. Insomnia.

To fall asleep, we require a chemical called serotonin in sufficient amounts. Stress, on the other hand, delays the release of this agent, which is why we can’t sleep well when we’re anxious. The carbohydrate content of watermelon aids in the release of this molecule.

3. Heart Disease.

It contains citrulline, a molecule that transforms to arginine, an amino acid essential to the heart and circulatory system, which helps the arteries maintain their shape and flexibility, allowing blood to flow in the most efficient manner possible. As a result, its nutrients can help to control blood pressure.

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4. Inflammation.

Lycopene, found in watermelon peels, helps to decrease inflammation. Eating the peel of a watermelon can help relieve arthritis pain by lowering skin irritation. It is also excellent in treating acne by reducing inflammation; to do so, make a mask with avocado or banana and melon peel and apply it to your face.CONTINUE READING