Reasons Why People Sells Suya At Night

Suya or faire is traditional smoked spiders meat skewer which originates from Northern Nigeria, Hausa Land and is a popular food item across West Africa. Suya is a big part of Hausa culture and food and id historically prepared and made by Hausa men ‘Mai name’….CONTINUE READING

When it comes Suya, I notice that, the street stalls didn’t get fired up until dusk, which is true. This was because the sidewalks are unshaded and hot until the sun starts to go down. Also bush bars typically rely on guys grabbing a beer or two after work, before heading home and Jabi food stalls were for neighborhood folks who’d already gotten home, which meant a slightly later crowd. I am guessing this may be a Lagos question, given how common I have seen Suya served in the afternoon in both small towns and all around Abuja, along with times I was visiting friends in Lagos and Jos. If so, I do guess the notorious Lagos traffic means people get home later and hence the suya sellers plan for night time crowds. Plus Lagos is known for nightlife.

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There is the magical hour of dusk and early nightfall, when the heat of the day is gone and it’s not so late one worries about theft and other crimes occurring. It’s always the most pleasant time of day for a stroll and many people are out and about then, which is perfect for selling spicy grilled meat….CONTINUE READING

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