JUST IN: President Tinubu’s Chicago University Matter: Clarifying the Facts

Ademola Bello, Journalist Based in New York, USA

Judge Nancy Maldonaldo’s role is solely to determine whether she will grant partial access to Tinubu’s transcript or academic records, all while respecting US privacy laws that prohibit the release of academic records without the student’s consent…..CONTINUE READING HERE

In the initial ruling, it was decided that Tinubu’s partial academic record could be released to Atiku without violating his privacy rights. However, Tinubu appealed this decision, and the Judge sided with him.

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It is confirmed that Tinubu attended Chicago State University.

The real question here is whether someone other than the student can obtain access to their academic records.

It’s essential to disregard any false information circulating.

Even figures like Barack Obama, who fought to keep his academic records from Columbia University and Harvard Law School private, faced similar situations when Republicans and Donald Trump requested access to them. The same holds for former President Trump and President W. Bush.

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There is a law called FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which safeguards students’ privacy by restricting who can access their records.

Tinubu is not concealing any information regarding his time at Chicago State University. He attended the institution. However, like any student or former student, he has the right to academic privacy under US law, allowing him to request that the University not disclose his academic records. Obama and Trump also exercised this right, fearing that their political opponents might misuse their academic records…..CONTINUE READING HERE

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