Five things people think prevent pregnancy but they don’t

Many people, even married ones, aren’t prepared for children, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be caught in the throes of passion.

Here are some hilarious things people do under the false belief that it would prevent pregnancy…..CONTINUE READING HERE

Urinating after sex

Some people believe that peeing after sex flushes away whatever deposit of semen remains. These people should be ready for a bundle of joy or surprise in nine months.

Drinking water and salt or alcohol

The display of ignorance is so funny because it seems as if they are trying to kill off the sperm when that is clearly ridiculous.

Jumping up and down after sex

This would keep you fit and healthy for when the baby arrives because you would still get very pregnant.

Pull out method

Even aside from STDs, the pull-out or withdrawal method is quite ineffective. Plus, fluids released before ejaculation might have semen. Use other methods of contraception to be safe.

Having sex when on your period

Surprise, you can get pregnant even when you have sex on your period, though the chances are slim don’t take the risk…..CONTINUE READING HERE