5 Foods That Can Improve Your Baby’s Brain During Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important whether you are a baby or an adult. According to Web MD, these foods listed below are necessary for brain development in babies, even when they are still in the womb. These foods are recommended for pregnant women because brain development can begin from the womb….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

1. Seeds and Nuts. 

Nuts are healthy snacks and they can help in baby’s brain development. They contain important nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. Some other nuts like walnuts and almonds contain omega 3 fatty acids which is great for brain development both in babies and adults.

2. Oatmeal. 

Oatmeal does not only help in developing your baby’s brain, it can also increase your energy level and lower your cholesterol levels. This is because they contain complex carbohydrates which can help you to feel full for a long time.

3. Oranges. 

Oranges are a great source of vitamin C which is very important for brain health and development. It also contains many other valuable nutrients like folate, water, flavonoids and fibre. Several studies have shown that oranges help to increase blood flow to the brain and improve brain activities.

4. Eggs.

Eggs are a low calorie, high protein food that boost your baby’s brain development and promotes the formation of healthy organs. They are also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which supports brain development.

If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, you can reduce your consumption of egg yolk and eat more of the egg white.

5. Carrots. 

Carrots contain vitamin A and pregnant women need this vitamin because it does not only help in the baby’s brain development, it also helps in the proper development of the eyes, bones, skin and teeth. Carrots are also high in fibre, which can also help you reduce constipation….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE