Do Men Really Hit Menopause Just As Women Do? Find Out Here.

female menopause marks the termination of the female reproductive cycle. However, men pass through a range of symptoms and changes while getting older, which some people compare to the impacts of menopause….CONTINUE READING

The condition is shown in some literature as “andropause”. However, this label is misleading and the definition of the symptoms, causes, and treatments is still not clear.

While ageing normally has effects on the levels of intercourse-specific hormones in men, associating the process with female menopause is inaccurate.

Some experts instead associate the symptoms with a condition known as androgen decline in the ageing male (ADAM), or late-onset hypogonadism. This happens naturally when the gonads, or organs that produce intercourse cells, start to age and lose function.

The condition affects only 2.1% of males, while menopause is a natural part of female reproduction development. This prevalence increases with age however, is still not a standard step in male development.

Menopause in women indicates a sharp drop in the female reproductive hormones, a reduction considerably in a relatively short period.

The symptoms of conditions that people mostly label as male menopause emerge more slowly and subtly and less seriously than in menopause.

The reduction in the levels of male hormone is less severe than the drop in hormone levels for women throughout menopause….CONTINUE READING