Very Effective Antispectic Soap For Acne, Itch, Rash, Body Odor, And Fungal Infections

NATURALLY ANTI-BACTERIAL Fight body odor, itch, rash, and fungal infections with Tea Tree Oil aka Melaleuca oil, which is well known for its naturally anti-bacterial properties. EFFECTIVE FOR ACNE Tea tree oils in this all natural soap help effectively fight acne….CONTINUE READING

CLEANSES & MOISTURIZES Handmade from olive oil, coconut oil with shea butter to thoroughly cleanse while moisturizing beautifull WONDERFUL INGREDIENTS make this great as a face, hand and body soap bar. Handmade in USA with all natural and organic ingredients only SCALP AND DANDRUFF PREVENTION
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These Tea Tree Oil Soap Bars are helpful for many skin conditions. Tea Tree Oil combats acne, itch, rash, body odor, and fungal infections such as jock itch, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus. While the 100% all natural soap ingredients are gentle to skin, making this soap suitable for face, hands, body, and feet.
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