BREAKING: Japa; I Slept with 40-50 Men Per Day to Survive in UAE, Nigerian Lady Reveals

A Nigerian lady and a victim of human trafficking, Blessing Tunde, revealed how she went through hell, attempting to survive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after she was lured to the Arabian country on a “fake job visa”…..CONTINUE READING

Blessing, who narrated her ordeal when speaking in a Television Continental (TVC) morning program, “Your View”, stated that her sponsor lured her to UAE with the impression that she had gotten a job ready on arrival for her.

She revealed that she is forced to sleep with men from different originalities, across the world.

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When asked about the calibre of men that slept with her during the period she responded that she cannot just mention all. She named men from UAE, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, etc who had slept with her when she was in UAE.

She disclosed that there is no specification or schedule to when she opens her canal, she must sleep with any customer, regardless of who he is, and whenever the time of the day they come.

She was asked if she could count the actual number of men she has slept with in UAE. She responded she could not get the number because it was uncountable.

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“It’s countless because it depends on how the customer came,” Blessing revealed.

When she was asked if she could get the maximum number of men she slept with daily in UAE, she stated that she usually sleeps with at least 40 and a maximum of 50 men, daily. However, she has no option to refuse or set a limit to the number because her sponsor’s order is that all men who come for the day must be satisfied.

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Blessing said, “Like 40-50 men per day”. She went further to say her sponsor was even happy because ‘he’ is making a lot of money from it.

Painstakingly, Blessing revealed that it was her sponsor who collected the money her client paid for the marathon of intercourse.

“You will not even know the amount those people are paying, your own is just to work, while the sponsor will be at the gate collecting the money,” Blessing stated…..CONTINUE READING