BREAKING: The moment of truth arrives for Chelsea as the signing of the summer prepares for long-awaited debut

Christopher Nkunku is on the bench for Chelsea tonight for the second game in a row.

We didn’t think we were going to see him at the weekend – and once we had scored twice we were sure we weren’t going to see him. But tonight is different…..CONTINUE READING

He’s had another few days to build up more fitness, and whatever the score, we’re convinced tonight is the night he makes his Chelsea competitive debut, even if only for a few minutes. That would line up almost perfectly with the predictions of a “Christmas” return for him made after he got his injury in August.

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It’s been a desperate season so far, most of it spent praying and waiting for Nkunku to come back and save us. We’ve been trying to not put too much weight on his return, but we can’t deny we’re thrilled for the moment he appears later tonight…..CONTINUE READING