Will you try these 3 new types of Nigerian swallows?

There are so many popular types of swallows in Nigeria which have all been around for as long as most of us can remember.

This practice has led to many options of foods available across the world with different options unique to different cultures.>>>READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

In Nigeria, different kinds of foods are available ranging from rice, beans, soups, and most commonly, swallows.

The Nigerian swallow in this sense is the term coined for solid meals that are eaten with different kinds of soups and ingested by “Swallowing”. There are so many popular types of swallows in Nigeria including the likes of Eba (Garri), Amala, Pounded yam, Semo, Fufu, etc which have all been around for as long as most of us can remember.

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These days, however, there are new forms of swallows entering Nigerian cuisine, and here are three of them;

1.Carrot fufu

As the name suggests, this is a form of swallow made with carrots. You wash, blend, and sieve the carrots and then place the blended carrots into a pot with some water and make the carrot Fufu. As expected, this form of swallow comes with the orange colour of carrots and can be enjoyed with any type of Nigerian soup.
2.Rice fufu (tuwo shinkafa)

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Somewhere in Nigeria, a chef decided they wanted to eat rice for dinner most likely but they wanted to do it unusually – in the form of swallow. This is probably how rice fufu came about or maybe it is a sight deviation from Tuwo shinkafa – rice swallow popular in Northern Nigeria. Rice fufu is made with rice and this time, instead of boiling rice as usual, it is soaked for some hours, blended, and then made into a swallow. Rice fufu looks like everyday fufu or pounded yam but has a different consistency and smell.

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Broccoli swallow, perhaps the most unusual new form of swallow, is also making waves in the Nigerian cooking scene and most people swear it is a healthy option, especially for people looking to lose weight. Just like the others, broccoli is blended and made into a swallow and enjoyed with different kinds of soup.

There you have it, three new types of Nigerian swallows. Will you be trying any of these anytime soon? Or are you sticking to the usual forms of swallows?