10 Things Unborn Babies Hate While In Your Stomach

When a woman knows she’s expecting child, she gets super excited about prepping for her soon-to-arrive baby. While she picks out the cutest onesies and matching booties, she also tries her best to think about what her baby might like<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

You might think, “Well, how can a baby tell us what they like when they’re not even born yet?” But believe it or not, babies communicate with their moms from inside the womb.

They do all sorts of things in there, like taste the food their moms eat, react to light, move around, and even show preferences for certain things.

Don’t believe it? Well, here’s a rundown of some things babies might not enjoy so much while they’re still cozy in mom’s belly:

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1. Sad Mom, Sad Baby

Yup, babies can feel it when mom’s not feeling too happy. So, it’s important for mom to stay upbeat because a happy mom means a happy baby.

2. Too Much Poking

It’s fun to poke your belly and feel your baby move, but don’t overdo it. Babies might not always be in the mood for a poke fest.

3. Mom’s Belly Laughs

While it’s great for mom to be happy, super loud belly laughs might startle the baby. So, maybe tone it down a bit.

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4. Stressed Mommy

Just like happy vibes, babies pick up on mom’s stress too. So, moms should try to relax with some deep breathing or meditation.

5. Sudden Loud Noises

Babies don’t like it when things get too noisy, even from inside the womb. So, keep things calm and peaceful around mom’s belly.

6. Restless Sleep

If mom tosses and turns a lot in her sleep, it can disturb the baby. Slow and gentle movements are the way to go.

7. Too Much Light

Babies can see light from outside the womb, but too much of it can bother them, especially when they’re trying to sleep.

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8. Spicy Food

Babies can taste the flavors of the food mom eats through the amniotic fluid, and spicy food might not be their favorite.

9. Hunger Pangs

When mom’s hungry, the baby feels it too. So, moms-to-be should listen to those cravings and grab a snack.

10. Tight Space

As the baby grows, there’s less room in there. So, moms should try to stretch out and give the baby some space<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>