A month before a heart attack your body will warn you with these 9 signals pay attention

Understanding and recognizing the warning signs of potential health issues is crucial for preventing contamination and diseases. Some symptoms related to cardiovascular health that people often overlook include<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

1. **Feeling Overexerted:** If you feel excessively tired even without significant exertion, it can be a sign of declining cardiovascular health.

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2. **Constant Heartburn:** Gastrointestinal issues can manifest as heartburn, nausea, stomach cramps, and abdominal swelling. These symptoms might ease temporarily with exertion.

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3. **Anxiety:** Sleep deprivation can lead to anxiety and forgetfulness, affecting the cardiovascular system. Restlessness and constant worry may be indicators.

4. **Shortness of Breath:** Dyspnea, a condition where you struggle to take deep breaths, could be a sign of cardiovascular issues, often occurring before a heart attack.

5. **Hair Loss:** Significant hair thinning, particularly in women, might indicate cardiac problems, linked to increased cortisol levels.

6. **Arrhythmias:** Stress or alarm can lead to irregular or rapid heartbeats. Those with atherosclerosis may experience higher resting and peak heart rates.

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7. **Excessive, Unexplained Sweating:** Sudden sweating might be an early sign of a heart attack, more common in women.

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8. **Chest Discomfort:** Chest discomfort is a serious symptom, more frequent in men, indicating heart disease. It can occur in various locations, including the left hand, center of the chest, lower jaw, shoulder, neck, or both hands.

9. **Upper-Back Pain:** Pain between the shoulder blades accompanied by heart palpitations should not be ignored.

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10. **Various Indicators:** Other indicators of potential cardiovascular issues include sore lower legs, hairy ear canals (in men), wrinkles in ear tendons, yellow patches on the eyes, or a particular plan of action.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, managing weight, monitoring cholesterol levels, and reducing stress are essential steps to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape. If you experience any of these symptoms, especially in combination, consult a healthcare professional promptly to address potential cardiovascular concerns<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>