JUST IN: I Am A Pastor And I Sacrifice 6 People From My Church Every Year Ever Since I Joined Culti§m –

A pastor based in Nairobi, confessed in an interview to sacrificing six individuals from his congregation annually since joining a cult. Over the years, he claimed to have sacrificed a total of 60 people<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to his account, James became a pastor at a young age and was initially drawn to the idea of having a large following, admiring senior pastors with sizable congregations. Attending diocesan meetings, he sought guidance from other pastors on how to attract more followers.

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After a year, an archbishop approached him, praising his dedication, and offered to help him fill his church with followers and attain wealth. Intrigued, James agreed to meet with the archbishop, keeping the meetings secret from his wife.

During one of their meetings, the archbishop presented James with a contract spanning ten years, stipulating that he must sacrifice six members of his congregation annually. Initially hesitant, James eventually signed the contract, sealing it with his blood.

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Additionally, he was given a ring that he was instructed never to remove. Following this pact, his church flourished, attracting wealthy supporters, although mysterious deaths began occurring within the congregation.

After a year, James fulfilled the sacrificial quota, with six individuals from his church meeting untimely deaths. His business ventures also prospered, leading to his accumulation of wealth.

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As the ten-year mark approached, James was told he needed to sacrifice his own mother and son to ascend to a leadership position within the cult. Refusing to sacrifice his loved ones, James removed the ring, signaling his departure from the cult.

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Tragically, a year later, James’ mother and son were killed in a car accident, while miraculously, the driver escaped unharmed. Reflecting on his choices, James warned others to be cautious in decision-making, expressing deep regret for his involvement in the cult<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

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