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10 Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water, No 9 Will Drop Your Jaw

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If you don’t consume enough water, your blood will become thicker, which could impede the flow of blood through your veins and arteries.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

This will make you more likely to get blood clots, have high blood pressure, and have a heart attack or stroke.

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This makes the space between the cells acidic, which can lead to gout, a painful form of arthritis. Gout is a painful disease that affects the joints.

If your body has too much acid, you might get kidney stones.

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Also, your cholesterol level will skyrocket.
You should do everything in your power to avoid any of these things. So, watch out for the following ten signs that you’re not drinking enough water:

1. You have a dry throat.
Even though it may seem obvious that a lack of fluid in the body causes dry mouth, most people still use Vaseline to treat it. You won’t fix the fact that your body is dehydrated in any way by doing this.

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Most people don’t realize that the skin is the largest organ in the body. It’s really important that you do this often.

Dry skin is one of the best ways to tell if you are dehydrated because it is one of the most obvious signs.

3. It feels like your eyes are dry.
Even though this is a clear sign that you are dehydrated, most people don’t notice it.

If you don’t drink enough water, your tear ducts will dry out, which will make your eyes red, dry, and bloodshot.

This could cause damage to the eyes.
As you get older, you might have trouble seeing if you don’t take care of your eyes.

4. You Have Joint Pain
There is a lot of cartilage in the water. This is important because it keeps your bones from rubbing against each other in your joints.

Getting enough water helps maintain healthy cartilage, which in turn helps maintain healthy muscles, bones, and joints.

5. You Suffer From Recurrent Illnesses.

When you drink enough water, your body can easily and regularly get rid of toxins.
For instance, the kidney is one of the body’s organs that is in charge of this process.

They work like machines, but just like any other machine, they won’t work well without water. The body keeps getting sick because it can’t get rid of the toxins.

6. You say that most of the time you are tired.

If you don’t drink enough water, your body will take water from other fluids, like blood, to keep working properly.

If your blood loses some of its water, it won’t be able to deliver as much oxygen to all of your cells. In the end, this makes you feel tired and sleepy and keeps you from falling asleep.

7. You start to feel hungry.
Your body can sometimes think it’s thirsty instead of hungry. You might have to fight hunger all the time because of this. When you eat when you’re already thirsty, the problem gets a lot worse. It forces your body to do more work.

8. You Have Digestive Problems
The mucus that lines the intestines stays in good shape when you drink water every day. The way your digestive system works depends on this.

If the mucus lining of your body isn’t healthy, you will have digestive problems like heartburn.

9. You experience premature aging.
As you get older, both how much water your body can take in and how much it can hold will go down.

If you don’t drink enough water, your body will start to think that it is getting less water as you age. So, it will change how much water it drinks to match how old it would have been when it would have needed that much water.

If you don’t want to look older than you are, you should probably drink a lot of water

10. You never get enough to drink.

Even though it may seem obvious, you shouldn’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink some water. Your body should always have enough water so it doesn’t have to send you signals telling you to drink more water.

Now you know the 10 things that happen when you don’t drink enough water.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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