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2 Main Reasons Why Some Couples Don’t Get Pregnant After Trying For A Year

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Many infertile couples who are hoping to have a baby often wonder what are the chances of getting pregnant and just how quickly they can get pregnant.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

While some couples may conceive after 1 month, some other couples might have to wait for a bit longer before they can have a baby. About 75% of these couples get pregnant within 6 months of trying, while 10% remain infertile after trying for 1 year

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If you have been trying to get pregnant for a year now, you must seek medical advice from a certified doctor who will enlighten you on some factors that can increase your odds of getting pregnant. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten you on possible reasons why you have not gotten pregnant within a year of trying according to WebMD

1. Luck;

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Many couples underestimate the power of luck. Before conception occurs many processes have to occur. It’s one thing for ovulation, fertilization, and implantation to ensue when due, it’s another thing for the developing embryo to be healthy and genetically stable. About 75% of early miscarriages occur due to genetic defects in the embryo. You may not even know you conceived of this occurs

2. Not having intimacy before ovulation.

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Medical experts have discovered that the most fertile time for a woman to conceive is 2 days before her ovulation. However, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with this, you can achieve this by having regular intimacy before your ovulation. But your chances of getting pregnant might be reduced if you’re having intimacy infrequently or outside of your fertility window (ovulation period).>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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