BREAKING: LP’s Call For Mahmood Yakubu’s Sack Is Ridiculous – INEC

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has noted that the Labour Party (LP) has no ground to call for the sack of Mahmood Yakubu, its chairman.

Lifestyle Nigeria reports that the LP in a press conference on Thursday, had asked the international community to take “punitive action” against Yakubu and other top officials of the electoral body over the conduct of the 2023 elections….CONTINUE READING

The party said the action should come as a result of final observer group reports on the elections.

Rotimi Oyekanmi, the Chief Press Secretary to INEC Chairman told the News Agency of nigeria (NAN) that the “reasons adduced by the LP in making the latest and familiar demand are not only illogical but also ridiculous”

He said INEC accredited local and international election observers under specific rules and regulations, noting that under these rules, they were required to submit their respective reports to the commission.

“Such reports may or may not include their recommendations. Therefore, it is not within the remit of any election observer whatsoever to indict INEC. They are to observe, make recommendations if they have any, but never to indict,” Oyekanmi said.

“In the same manner, it is also not within the LP’s jurisdiction to demand the dismissal and prosecution of the INEC chairman over the outcome of an election in which the party fielded candidates.

“Interestingly, arising from the outcome of the same 2023 general election, the LP has now produced one state governor, eight senators, 35 house of representatives members and 38 members of the state houses of assembly...CONTINUE READING