EXCLUSIVE: “I Paid My Own Bride Price” – Actress Anita Joseph Speaks On Her Marriage To MC Fish

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has caused a stir on social media when she disclosed that she paid her own bride price.
“I Paid My Own Bride Price” – Actress Anita Joseph Speaks On Her Marriage To MC Fish

This revelation by the actress came on the heels of several trolls and negative comments since she got married to a younger man, Michael Fisayo Olagunju, also known as MC Fish….CONTINUE READING

A heated exchange ensued on Instagram between Anita Joseph and a troll who alleged that she controlled her husband and was responsible for his unhappiness.

“I know very well say this man no too dey happy for this marriage niii. You de control am well well Ba….e de obvious even for photo… Shey na u give this man money to pay your bride price?” the troll asked

In her response, Anita Joseph admitted that her husband never seems happy, but reiterated that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

She went on to claim that she gave her husband the money to pay her bride price before stating that the troll was a confused human being who curses his future by his negative energy.

“Yes he’s not happy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Na me also give am money to pay bride price. Oh sorry I remember na me pay my self. I control him everywhere Shallom. Okwa Okwu agwugo”the actress replied.

Despite the attack, the troll confessed his undying love for the actress, which seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

“I no dey shame of my love for u. I really don’t bother what the other people think,”the troll wrote.

Anita replied saying:, “You’re very confused human being, as you confuse na so your life dey zigzag too. You haven’t seen a man talk more of the one to control… You genuinely said what’s in your mind. Na yourself you dey do cursing your future, e no concern me Shallom”.

Sharing screenshots of their argument, Anita Joseph defended her marriage against her critics, claiming it is God-given and will continue to thrive regardless of their negativity.

The actress accused those who despise love of being raised in a war house and believes they are envious of those who are successful in love.

She wrote, “This my Marriage is God given and it will keep cho**king all of you who despise Love 😜 You want attention you will get it in full 🙌

“Later you will be asking God what is going on ,disturbing pastors to pray for you 😳 you no know say na Wetin you use your hand do yourself 🚶‍♀️

“You were not raised in love ,you were raised in a war House . so when ever you see people who are doing well inlove ,the wi***craft in you Tripple’s ..

“Later you tell me you love me chaii ,how confused can one persn be tufiakwa ,now your in my DM confessing Love ara gbachikwa gi nti shallom ..

“Why you come delete this comment for my page okwa ina apu ala ,I trust my people to execute 🤣🤣🤣….CONTINUE READING