Why I Didn’t Return To Lagos Assembly Just To Give Way To Younger Lawmakers – Yusuf

Hon. Bisi Yusuf is a former lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHA) who represented Alimosho constituency 1. In this interview, talks about the reason he didn’t return to the Lagos Assembly in 2023 after spending 12 years in office, among other issues. JOY ANIGBOGU brings the excerpts:

Can you share your experience as a lawmaker, especially as it relates to the press?

The press was there to put us on toes. We knew that you were watching with your reports. I am a friend to journalists anywhere. You are very important to the society. We will never forget you with your quality reports and you are not biased. You always say it as it is....CONTINUE READING

Can you talk about your 12 years in the State Assembly?

I voluntarily decided that I wasn’t going back to the House and I am fulfilled. I am fulfilled in the sense that many of us came and also left. I am very happy with our contributions to the development of the state. I have been in politics as a student unionist, as a member of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), and also from 1999 till date. Young people are there to take it up. I am not growing younger. A good actor leaves the stage, when the ovation is loudest. There are younger people who can do it better. Nobody is indispensable. There are still a lot of people that can do it. I have left it for them to contribute their quota to the development of the state. Our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the current President of Nigeria, we have come a long way and I will continue to contribute my own quota too.

You were there for 12 years, can you remember your happy moments and also do you have any regrets?

I will dwell on my happiness rather than regrets. I am always very happy, people are my asset and I hardly offend people. My greatest achievement is being a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly and I utilized the opportunity to the highest. We have lobbied for infrastructure development, one day the former governor came to my constituency to commission 21 roads. If you go from Ayobo to Ijan and from Ayobo to Aiyetoro, you will see the wonder that my lobby achieved for the constituency with the roads. I acquired wisdom and I used it to attract development to my constituency. I used to say that my constituency had the highest wooden bridges, but they have turned to modern bridges. I don’t go about with security, people are my security. Once you do what you need to do, when you go back to them, they would be there for you. I thank God that I was able to deliver the dividends of democracy to my people. I do not have any regret. Some people were complaining when they changed my committee and I told them that there is no bad committee it depends on you. When I was taken to Housing as the Chairman, I acquired experience there and from there I was taken to the House Committee on Commerce and Industry and in my time the Dangote Refinery was built, there was the Free Trade Zone, Deep See Project and Airport. They are part of my achievements. We even paid oversight visit to Dangote Refinery. We were able to actualize the dreams of Lagosians.

What is your advice to the current lawmakers?

They should use every opportunity to learn. They should read well, be punctual, listen attentively, open their eyes and they should not be rubber stamps. I thank God that the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa is one of the best products of the Nigerian legislature. He will be spending 24 years as a legislator. This is not a joke….CONTINUE READING