JUST IN: NYSC maintains position on Gov Mbah’s certificate- HURIWA

In response to online reports from the election tribunal suggesting a change in the NYSC’s claim regarding the alleged forged certificate of Governor Peter Mbah, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has revealed it stormed the NYSC headquarters on Friday in demand of clarity and, if warranted, an immediate public apology from the NYSC’s Director-General to Governor Peter Mbah within 48 working hours….CONTINUE READING

HURIWA revealed this in a press conference on Saturday in Abuja while addressing the controversy surrounding Enugu State Governor; Peter Mbah’s NYSC Certificate reiterating the NYSC’s stance that the certificate presented by Governor Peter Mbah is not genuine and has no connection to the NYSC

Addressing the media, HURIWA’s National Coordinator; Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko emphasized its ongoing advocacy for transparency, accountability, and justice in public institutions, revealing that the Group has been actively involved in demanding clarity regarding Governor Peter Mbah’s certificate of discharge even before he assumed office as the Governor of Enugu State in addition to how it suspended its advocacy on this matter, respecting the legal process, and awaiting the judgments of both the election petition Tribunal and the regular courts.

However, HURIWA expressed concern over the misleading reports being peddled online implying that the NYSC Management has conceded the validity of the governor’s certificate, whereas the NYSC has consistently maintained its position that the certificate in question is a forgery and bears no association with the organization.

“To clarify the recent developments, HURIWA sent a delegation to the NYSC headquarters seeking confirmation of any changes in the NYSC’s claim. The NYSC top management staff firmly reiterated that they have not altered their position, confirming that Governor Peter Mbah’s NYSC certificate is fake and not issued by the NYSC”.

Hence, HURIWA emphasized that the NYSC’s assertion on the alleged forgery remains unchanged, and there has been no capitulation on the part of the NYSC. Hence, the organization called on all stakeholders, including the media, the NYSC, and Governor Peter Mbah, to respect the legal process and refrain from propagating unfounded claims.

“As a civil rights body, HURIWA’s advocacy on this matter is grounded in its commitment to upholding justice, human rights, and the rule of law. The organization remains neutral and non-partisan, seeking transparency and accountability from public officeholders”.

While urging the Media to exercise professionalism and impartiality in reporting the issue, verifying information before dissemination to avoid misinformation and confusion, HURIWA called on the NYSC to provide any additional evidence it may possess to support its claim regarding the alleged forged certificate, just as Governor Peter Mbah was also implored to cooperate fully with the legal process and present all relevant documents and evidence to the courts.

Concluding, HURIWA reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for transparency and accountability at all levels of government and public institutions. The organization trusts in the judiciary to dispense justice fairly and independently as the legal proceedings continue….CONTINUE READING