Health Dangers Of Frequent Consumption Of Energy Drinks

The consumption of Energy Drinks of different brands may not be entirely new. However, in recent times, there is an increase in the level of consumption of energy drinks by people. Even though the consumption is not specifically tied to any age group, according to available information provided by WebMD, teenagers and young adults have been identified as the class of people who consume energy drinks mostly on frequent basis….CONTINUE READING

More so, energy drinks are primarily produced for some special effects on the consumers. First, for mental alertness and also for physical strength. Whether consciously or unconsciously, some people take energy drinks because of the sweet taste they have. Among other things, caffeine (an alkaloid that acts as stimulant on the central nervous system) is one of the major ingredients use in the production of energy drinks. Sugar is also one of the known ingredients of energy drinks.

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Caffeine has been medically described as a toxicant which create health danger to humans. Even though caffeine has been identified to be naturally found in tea and coffee, the amount found in energy drinks is said to be higher than the one in coffee and tea.

While unravelling the health dangers of energy drinks to humans, especially when it is taken often and in large quantity, the following can be outcome of their frequent consumption:

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1. Diabetes. This is possible because of the large amount of sugar that is mostly used in the production of most energy drinks.

2. Obesity. Frequently taking energy drinks also make one to become obese.

3. Heart related diseases. Caffeine, which is a major ingredient in energy drinks reduce the ability of blood vessels to become bigger or larger. The absence of the blood vessels to enlarge can result to high blood pressure and consequently lead to heart attack.

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4. Damage to other vital organs of the body.

5. Atrial fibrillation. This is a situation where the rhythm of the heart beat is faster than normal because of the inability of the blood to move well. At times, it can lead to stroke when clots are formed inside the heart.

To avoid the aforementioned health issues, medical experts have recommended occasional consumption of energy drinks, and it should not be more than one in a day….CONTINUE READING

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