The Best Times To Drink Water According To Experts

There is no doubt that water is important to your health. According to Healthline, water, which accounts for up to 75% of your body weight, plays an important role in controlling everything from brain function to physical performance to digestion and much more….CONTINUE READING

1. In the morning

A glass of water first thing in the morning is a simple way to get your day started right. Drinking water first thing in the morning may also help some people maintain optimal hydration habits and improve fluid intake throughout the day.

If you’re dehydrated, increasing your daily water intake will help you rehydrate, which can help improve your mood, brain function, and energy levels.

However, while some people find that drinking water in the morning works for them, there is no evidence that drinking water in the morning is any more beneficial than drinking water at other times of the day.

2. Before meals

If you are attempting to lose weight, drinking a glass of water before each meal is a terrific method. This not only helps to increase feelings of fullness, but it also helps to reduce your intake throughout that meal.

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As a result, while drinking water before meals can help with hydration, more research is needed to see if it can also help with weight loss in younger people.

3. Before and after exercise

Sweating causes you to lose water and electrolytes while you exercise. It is critical to drink enough water before and after exercising to keep your body hydrated and replenish any lost fluids.

Excessive fluid loss during exercise can potentially impair performance and produce electrolyte imbalances.

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It is recommended that you drink water or an electrolyte drink after working out to assist replace any lost fluids and maximise performance and recuperation.

4. When You Think You’re Hungry

When hunger strikes, most people are unaware that they are thirsty. These stimuli are recognised by the brain as the same. So, before you go to the pantry, sip some water. Then wait a few minutes to see if it fulfils your hunger.

5. Whenever You Sweat

Anything that causes you to sweat, such as a sauna or a hot tub, or spending time outside on a hot, muggy day, causes your body to lose fluid. Exercise is the same way. Your body perspires to expel heat as your muscles warm-up. You’ll need to drink a lot of water to chill down.

6. When You’re Sick

When you’re unwell, staying hydrated is critical to your recovery. Extreme water loss can occur as a result of symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever.

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Drink plenty of water at the first symptoms of illness, especially if you’re not hungry. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. They will further dry out your system.


7. Before Your Period

Drinking enough water before and throughout your period can help alleviate premenstrual discomfort and bloating.

Dehydration is a major cause of cramps and headaches. A recent study of young women with dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation, discovered that consuming more water shortened their cycles, relieving pelvic discomfort, and reduced their need for pain medication.

8. When You Have a Headache

Dehydration is a major migraine trigger. Some people claim that even a minor decrease in fluid intake might cause a severe headache…..CONTINUE READING