3 Dangers Of Using S£x Toys You Should Know

Millions of them are currently being sold annually all over the world, but did you realise that your intimate toys could be harming your health?….CONTINUE READING

Experts claim that since intimate toys are frequently constructed of cheap materials and plastics, they may be harmful to people’s health.

According to NHS, the following are 3 health dangers of using intimate toys.

1. You miss the benefits of nitric oxide and oxytocin.

A vibrator reduces your exposure to oxytocin and nitric oxide by forcing your body to skip a significant portion of the plateau and desire periods. You benefit from these organic substances in terms of healthier cervical mucus, regular ovulation cycles, and enhanced immunity.

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2. Severe injury.

Your health may be at risk if your toy is comprised of anything that resembles jelly. Toys gradually deteriorate over time, not just when they are not in use. They may disintegrate inside of you and leak possibly harmful chemicals into your body.

According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 6,800 patients with toy emergencies were admitted to American hospitals between 1995 and 2006; the majority of these patients were in their 30s and needed assistance getting their toys out of the body. Only in 2007, over 900 patients required hospital admission due to wounds severe enough for a foreign body to be removed from their rectums.

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3. Dangerous infection.

This one should be obvious. You run a higher chance of developing a vaginal and urinary tract infection if you don’t properly clean and store your toys.

Toys can be a vehicle for the viral and bacterial intimately transmitted illnesses. It’s important to know how to protect oneself because sharing or not cleaning toys can result in a number of diseases. For example, the risk of contracting an STD increases if the toy is introduced into your body as opposed to just coming into contact with it. This is due to the fact that bodily fluids will stick to the toy. These are the same fluids that frequently cause vaginal infections to spread…..CONTINUE READING

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