University’s sudents’ abduction : Group knocks Zamfara gov, says his absence troubling

A gender-based non-governmental organisation, Girl-child Right and Freedom Protection Centre, has expressed concern over the absence of Zamfara governor, Dauda Lawal, amid the abduction of some students of Federal University, Gusau, by bandits.

The group claimed that the governor had actually abandoned the people the in the midst of such serious crisis for a personal trip abroad…..CONTINUE READING HERE

The group in a statement issued by his chairperson, Lynda Temitope Ajayi, said the the recent kidnap of the female students and the governor’s decision to embark on a foreign trip same day was troubling.

Ajayi said: “The attitude of the Zamfara State Governor who seems to have abandoned his people in the midst of such serious crises for a foreign trip on the day of the unforgettable abduction is callous, indecorous, insensitive, inhuman, indecent, uncivilized, inhuman and unforgivable.

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“Let us remind the Zamfara Governor that he is holding position of power and authority, by the mandate of the people and one of his primary responsibilities is to protect and serve the people he leads.

“When faced with the grave threat of kidnapping and violence, it is disheartening to see a governor display apathy or negligence towards his constituents the way the Zamfara Governor so brazenly did.

“It callous and insensitive that in such a situation that demands strong and decisive action, yet the Governor retreated, leaving his people vulnerable and desperate,” Mrs Ajayi pointed out.

She said that a crisis of this magnitude requires leaders to stand firm and participate fully in designing effective strategies to address the immediate concerns and prevent future incidents.

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“It is discouraging to witness leaders shying away from their responsibilities and failing to provide the necessary support and protection to their communities.”

She said the GRFPC is particularly disheartened by this attitude exhibited by the Governor, as the Group is acutely aware of the additional vulnerability faced by women and girls in situations of conflict and displacement.

“We expect leaders with conscience to prioritize the safety and well-being of all citizens, regardless of their gender. Such abandonment not only perpetuates a sense of fear and insecurity among the affected population but also undermines the trust in leadership.

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“It is imperative that leaders demonstrate empathy, compassion, and a genuine dedication to the welfare of their people, especially during times of crisis. Their actions and engagement can play a vital role in restoring hope, confidence, and a sense of security within communities.

“In times like these, responsible leaders requires the necessary courage, political will and strong resolve all of which the Zamfara Governor apparently lacks, in order to prioritize the safety of their people and actively participate in measures that seek to address the situation once for all.

“Only by doing so, can leaders begin to rebuild trust, protect the vulnerable, and pave the way for a safer and more secure future…..CONTINUE READING HERE