Dear Men, Here Are 4 Things Ladies Want From You But Won’t Tell You

So today I will briefly be telling you things most ladies want From you but they won’t tell you. Ladies naturally tend to pretend a lot, sometimes their no actually mean yes. A lady would tell you she is not interested in you but she is, she only wants you to pester her more. When you go your way, she then starts to feel broken. Below are four things most women want from you….CONTINUE READING HERE

1. The first on my list here is someone who Will keep their company especially someone who is ready to listen to all their talks. Most ladies want someone who will always have their time. This is why it is not good for your Woman to get company from other guys. Women tend to fall for the person giving them attention and keeping their company. If your woman doesn’t request for this, she deserves it!

2. Ladies expect you to always call them even if you are not dating them. They expect you to spend more time with them.

Please always call that lady you are dating, it is very important. Even though some ladies will tell you they don’t care if you call, it matters a lot to them.

3. Ladies also like someone they can have deep talks with. Ladies are not like men who bottle up emotions, they want to tell it out. They need someone who is matured enough to hear them out and keep it as a secret. Sometimes when they have issues with their relationship, life, career etc

4. Another thing I believe women want from you is money but some don’t have the courage to ask. Even though a lady doesn’t ask for your money, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. This is the bitter truth of today, despite how dangerous ‘yahoo boys’ are, many ladies fall for them.

If you have anything to add, let’s hear them out in the comment section below....CONTINUE READING HERE