BREAKING: Tanker explosion kills 20 along Warri – Benin highway

A tragic incident occurred on Sunday morning along the Warri-Benin highway when a tanker carrying petroleum products fell and exploded, killing at least 20 people and burning several vehicles. The explosion happened at Koko junction in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State, where many people had gathered to scoop fuel from the fallen tanker….CONTINUE READING HERE

According to eyewitnesses, the tanker was trying to avoid a bad spot on the road when it fell and spilled its contents. Despite the warnings from drivers and security agents, some people rushed to the scene with containers to collect the free fuel. A spark from a faulty vehicle ignited the fire, which engulfed the tanker and the surrounding area.

Among the victims were a pregnant woman, children, and some elderly people who were burned beyond recognition. Some of the survivors ran into the nearby forest to escape the flames. Officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and other security agencies arrived at the scene to remove the dead bodies and control the traffic.

The incident has been described as a terrible situation by the residents of the area, who lamented the loss of lives and property….CONTINUE READING HERE

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