(Watch) “It weighs 50kg” – Trending video of the Ọọ̀ni of Ifẹ̀ rocking the sacred Ààrẹ crown at the Ọlọ́jọ́ festival.

The Yoruba word ‘Olojo’ means ‘The Day Of The First Dawn’ that describes the grateful heart of man towards God’s creation and the existence of Human. It was once described by Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi as a festival that celebrates the Black race all over the world.

In the video, the Ooni of Ife was clearly tired as he found it difficult to move while rocking the sacred Aare crown in the ancient Ife town at the Olojo festival….CONTINUE READING HERE

An Instagram user identified as randyradiolover’s wrote; “The sacred Aare crown is the only physical symbol of authority that the Ooni inherited from his ancestors. It is believed to have been made from several items, such as cutlass, hoe and 149 other undisclosed objects.it is believed to carry so much power that only the chosen one should and must wear it.History has it that once it is worn by the king his powers are renewed and a refreshen strength to rule the people in truth.”

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Watch video below;

See reactions below;

moriamariam: The crown weight is approximately 50kg that fucking heavyTRADITION❤️.

sahfresh__: If you are ain’t legitimately install as Ooni of ife you can’t put that crown on your head.

official_speaker101: Upon all the juju on the crown police is still on guard ‍♀️who are we to believe !! Pastors uses convoy of soldiers that guides them !! Ifa priest and native doctors are not safe too ## We need more explanation about LIFE AND RELIGION.

dattechguy: I no go surprise if na act he dey act because I no see how that crown wan heavy. Infact them calling it sacred just screams scam .

tonypally1982: Men, Yoruba culture is rich! These guys liberal nature make it easy for even the western/Arabic religious ones among them to practice it! At least, their culture do not regularly accuse their widows of being behind their husband deaths.

simplerajjjj71: Y’all commenting sh!t, unah talk say the original crown Dey oversea and some go talk say British wan carry am. Make unah Dey play. This crown no be anyhow crown oooo, make you go carry and see Wetin go do you immediately….CONTINUE READING HERE