JUST IN: Remi Sonaiya Issues Apology for Sharing Misinformation About Tinubu-CSU Conversation

Remi Sonaiya, a vocal critic of President Bola Tinubu, has publicly acknowledged that she shared inaccurate information today…..CONTINUE READING HERE

Initially, false information was circulated online by propagandists, claiming that the CSU registrar had stated, “Forgery is a Nigerian thing,” and she subsequently reposted this news on her Twitter account.

However, after personally reviewing the transcript, she realized that the registrar had actually said, “It was more of a Nigerian thing to have certificates certified.” CORRECTION: I have been made aware that the statement made by the official was: “It’s more of a Nigerian thing” to have certificates authenticated. I offer my sincere apologies. Nonetheless, this underscores the absence of transparency and trust in our public system. This is not a positive development…..CONTINUE READING HERE