BREAKING: Jankara, Bombata, Pelewura markets will be demolished to ground zero – Lagos Govt declares

Jankara, Bombata and Pelewura markets in Lagos Island will be fully demolished to allow for urban regeneration of the area.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu spoke on Sunday when he inspected some drainage channels on the Island….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Sanwo-Olu said: “We have come here on a drainage and regeneration call. The entire stretch of Idumagbo Avenue is always flooded during the rainy season because of human activities, especially from the markets around the area. They have built on the canals and so prevented the free flow of water, so we need to do a total rebuild.
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“Hence, to allow for a proper regeneration of the Lagos Island, Jankara and Bombata markets have to go, it will be a ground zero. This thus serves as a notice, the markets will be cleaned to allow our urban regeneration plans. The design for the new market is ready.

“We will however give adequate notice to those in Pelewura market because it has more traders, but this serves as the first notice.

“These markets have outgrown and outlived a market in a modern city so they must give way for urban models….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Details later