JUST IN: ‘I will pay N160,000 if you can pay for the satisfaction I gave you’, divorce-seeking wife tells husband

Hauwa Hamza has approached an Upper Court in Kubwa, FCT, seeking dissolution of her marriage with her husband, Yahaya Mohammed, on grounds of lack of care and respect.

Mr Mohammed and Ms Hamza, got married according to Islamic law sometime in 2020 and do not have children together…...CONTINUE READING

But the husband, who is a businessman, told the court that he would grant the divorce request if his wife would pay him the sum of N160,000 he spent on her.

”If she wants a divorce, she has to get me another wife. I want my wife to pay me all I spent on her at our wedding.

”I paid N60,000 as dowry to marry my wife and spent N100,000 for her clothes, I insist for her to pay me back the total sum”, he said.

In her response, the plaintiff said that if it were Islamically appropriate for her to get a wife for her husband before he grants her a divorce, she would do so.

She added that Mr Mohammed did not spend up to N160,000 on her, saying that her dowry was N60,000 only.

“I do not have N160,000 to give him, only if he can also pay me for the satisfaction I gave to him during the marriage and the cooking I have done over the years, ” the plaintiff said.

Mr Mohammed, however, said if the plaintiff claimed that she had satisfied him, he had also catered to her feeding and welfare in the marriage.

The Judge, Mohammed Wakili, said that it was not Islamically appropriate for the plaintiff to get the respondent another wife before he grants her a divorce.

Mr Wakili adjourned the matter until Oct.17 for judgment…...CONTINUE READING