Currently Working Treatment for Heart Attack,Stroke,Hormonal imbalance And kidney failure

According to Dr. Theodore Baroody, an American Doctor and Researcher, *”the countless names of diseases does not count, what really does is that all of them come from one root cause, too much acidity in the body”*In natural medicine, we know that diseases come from three major sources:
(1) Hormonal imbalance
(2) Microbial infections
(3) Deficiency of essential vitamins, trace elements/nutrients
These three are induced by Acidosis or the Acidity.. For instance, diabetes is an imbalance or insufficiency of a hormone called insulin normally produced by the Pancreas….CONTINUE READING

Insomnia or sleeplessness is as a result of shortage of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pituitory gland. Hypertension,Amenorrhea(menstrual dyfunction, low sperm count, baldness, infertility in men and women, etc are all caused by hormonal imbalance.
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The big question is, why are the hormones not being produced?
The answer is: because of too much acidity which has damaged the cells of the organs thereby rendering the organs inactive. Again, why are the bacteria or viruses rampaging the body? *Too much Acidity. So you can see that Dr Baroody is right. Acidity is the major cause of all diseases So when you are treating any disease, and start with a concentrated dosage of JIGSIMUR,(it has no side effect) first it changes the acidic environment, renders the bacteria or viruses inactive, renews the cells by feeding them with all the rich essential minerals, vitamins, nutrients that the body needs.