A girl that’s really feeling you will always

think that other girls are looking at you

when they look at your direction. She’ll

always be able to hear the flirting that’s

going on in another girl’s voice when she

talks to you or the way she texts you….CONTINUE READING

She’ll always get that suspicious feeling


she’s not around you and feel like there’s

another girl with you. She’ll always get that

anxious feeling when you don’t text her

back quick enough or pick up her call the

first time around.

She’ll always feel jealous when she sees you

looking in the direction

where there’s a certain girl she’d know is

the kind of girls you like. It may sound like

she’s too much or too insecure, but it’s not

even that. It’s just that she knows that

you’re a good man and you’re an amazing

boyfriend and if she can see that, then

other girls must be able to see that, too. It

all just comes down to her fearing that

everybody wants what she has and that you

might not want her anymore…..CONTINUE READING