“I gave him my heart but he has broken it into pieces” – Lady cries and rolls herself on the floor after breakup [Video]

A Ghanaian lady who has had a taste of broken heart for the first time has taken to the internet to lament over how her ex-boyfriend has broken her heart into pieces.

According to this sobbing lady, her ex-boyfriend convinced and assured her that he will never break up with her come what may but she work up to find her with another lady….CONTINUE READING

In a hilarious yet worrying video that has gone rife on the internet, the lady can be seen crying her eyes out and rolling herself on the floor whiles lamenting over her guy’s ill-treatment.

She also confessed that this is the first time she has had a feel of a broken heart hence it will be very difficult for her to forgive him for subjecting her to such an ordeal.

It is very suicidal to love 100% in this ear because most people are not searching for soulmates but rather sex partners.

The current dating pool is full of rubbish! Watch the video below to know more….CONTINUE READING