JUST IN: Soludo Never Fails To Disappoint; Even His Friends

When Soludo says, “Law and Order” is one of the cardinal pillars of his administration, it is not some paper work or normal political sloganeering. He means every bit of it and is ready to walk his talk.

Yesterday’s outing at the Awka residence of Chief Austin Ndigwe, was another moment of firm instruction to ndi Anambra that it is no longer “business as usual”. Note, Austin Ndigwe is Soludo’s long standing ally. In 2010 when Soludo contested for governorship, Austin Ndigwe’s building was his campaign’s head office…..CONTINUE READING

In spite of this obvious friendly ties, Governor Soludo has mustered the rare audacity to spank his friend to order in line with the laws of the land. This is not common, it is not the usual and certainly is a pointer to the new Anambra.

Welcome to Soludo’s Anambra where respect for law and order is the only way. If you want otherwise, Soludo will certainly disappoint you.

May Anambra continue to succeed!….CONTINUE READING