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Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in the woman’s uterus. They develop during a woman’s child bearing
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conceiving my first child (Primary Infertility)
then, waited another 7 years and conceive the second (Secondary infertility). During my first pregnancy, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and multiple ovarian cysts and my baby was breeched at 28 weeks, not only that, I had high blood pressure (an uncontrollable one) and I was a size 16/18. I should had that we were dealing with the male factor and the sperm count we’re going down every year. I had several failed medical procedures, IUI, mixed semen and IVF (ALL FAILED)
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Then i was reading News I saw Shrink FIBRIOD and get pregnant in 60days I quickly contacted them I paid and Received the Product and I started Medications Infact Today, we are blessed with 2 wonderful BOYS. SAMUEL ( God heard me) The Prophet DAVID (Beloved) The King .. The man after God’s heart Hallelujah!!! I’m a mother and I am FIBROID FREE WITHOUT AN OPEN SURGERY!!! No more Anemia (not having enough red blood cells) from heavy bleeding.Your testimony is next in Jesus name..
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