Drama As Johor City Council Worker Receives Major Praise for Rescuing Cat That Fell Into A River

Be it humans, animals, or any other form of life that exists around us, there’s never a situation where extending a kind hand goes unnoticed.

A recent post by the official Facebook page Datuk Bandar Johor Bahru has been making waves online after a kind city council worker came to the rescue of a cat in need at Segget River, Johor…..CONTINUE READING HERE

In a video uploaded to the page, which also happens to be the official account of Dato’ Haji Mohd. Noorazam bin Dato’ Haji Osman, the young man can be seen descending a ladder to retrieve an orange cat that is dangling at the bottom of the ladder.

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Cautiously moving down the ladder, the young man carefully grabs the cat, before it lets out a small groan. Eventually, the cat allows the man to pick it up, before he ascends the ladder again. Once he reaches the top, the man gives the cat to another individual, who in turn puts the cat on the ground. Not wasting any time, the cat immediately runs away.

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“Thank you to the Johor Bahru City Council staff member who saved a cat that fell into the Segget River,” wrote Dato’ Haji Mohd. Noorazam in the caption of his post.

Receiving praise for his brave act, multiple Malaysians commented under the Facebook post, thanking the city council worker for saving the cat, as it was in dire need of help…..CONTINUE READING HERE

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Watch the full video on Facebook below:

In a world where a little bit of kindness can mean a huge difference, we salute this Malaysian citizen for simply doing the right thing.