The economy is hard, we will eat it and die – Oduom youth after discovering stray crocodile

The current economic hardship in the country has compelled a group believed to comprise young men to take their own lives.

Their plan to commit ‘suicide’ became public after they were found with a crocodile. They were informed by some Oduom residents about the presence of a strange animal, an alligator, but upon arrival, they discovered it was a crocodile…..CONTINUE READING HERE

In an interview with CitiNewsroom, Peter Opoku, believed to be the leader of the disgruntled group, noted that they plan to take the amphibian away and kill it in order to eat its meat.

When asked why they were so bent on eating the meat of the animal, he noted that they hope it would be enough to take them out of this world, as living in Ghana has become a nightmare.

“The main reason we went for the animal was because we have a strong liking for sweet and tasty things. We are coming to chew it. When we went there, everyone was afraid but we are brave so we took it.”

“We have made up our minds that we want to die because things are difficult in the country. The truth is just one, things are unbearable because why would a young man like me what to eat the meat of a crocodile. If you commit suicide, God will deal with you but if you eat the meat of a crocodile and pass away it is nothing. So we will still eat this animal.”

When asked why he would not consider taking the animal to the zoo, he said; “We will not take this animal to the zoo because I have established a zoo company in my stomach.”....CONTINUE READING HERE