BREAKING: Former President Jonathan Urges for Peace Ahead of Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi Polls

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has released a statement ahead of the governorship elections scheduled to take place in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi states on Saturday, November 11, 2023. In the statement personally signed by Jonathan and made available to the public, he urged both voters and politicians to prioritize peace and conduct themselves in a peaceful and lawful manner…..CONTINUE READING HERE

As the citizens of Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi states go to the polls, Jonathan emphasized the importance of avoiding violence and any actions that could jeopardize the collective peace and stability of the states and the country as a whole. He stressed that a leader who genuinely cares for their people would not resort to recruiting thugs to harm or kill those they seek to govern. Jonathan reiterated that no political ambition is worth the shedding of any citizen’s blood and urged everyone to resist any temptations or inducements that may be used as agents of destruction.

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The former President emphasized the significance of credible, transparent, fair, and peaceful elections for the endurance and impact of democracy. He called upon the electoral management body, security agencies, and other stakeholders to carry out their responsibilities in a professional and patriotic manner during and after the elections. Jonathan further highlighted that democracy derives its strength from the people and urged collective efforts to strengthen the people’s confidence by ensuring a peaceful and transparent electoral process.

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Jonathan’s message serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility to uphold peace and integrity in the electoral process and emphasizes the need for all stakeholders to prioritize the well-being and democratic aspirations of the people…..CONTINUE READING HERE