Clearance Giveaway Lands In Delta, Awka And Lagos State

Lands, house, hotels and many more buy and build landed properties with full document and receipt, we have clearance land giveaways at affordable prices now check below for contact details of properties of any property of
your choice 1….CONTINUE READING

Over 10 Plots in Urum within Awka Capital Territory @ N2.3m each;
2. Half Plot Opposite Stanel World @ 7m each… Buy and Build;
3. Over 11 Plots besides the new International Convention Centre in Awka @ N18m each… Buy & Build;
4. Over 7 Plots behind the Millennium City in Awka @ N10m each… Already Developing;
5. Over 2 Plots opposite Ikenga Hotels, Old Road in Agu Awka @ 20m each… Buy and Build;
6. Over 4 Plots opposite Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre @ 18m each… Buy and Build; 7. Over 5 Plots behind Finotel Hotel @ 18m each… Build and Build;

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For Landed Property Purchase Call The Property Commercial Agent On 07068545986

8. 2 Plots of Land besides Dot 4 in Mgbakwu @ 10m each… Buy and Build;
9. 4 Plots behind UNIZIK Fence (by Expressway) @ 10m each;
10. 2 Plots of Land behind Anambra State Polytechnic in Mgbakwu @ 10m;
11. 20 Plots inside Desire Estate Phase 2 @ 5m each; 12. Two Plots in Abagana @ 19m each;
13. Over 2 Plots opposite the Government House @ 15m each; 14. Over 50 Plots near the Anambra International Airport @ 8m each… Buy and Build; 15. Over 100 Plots for Farming in Igbariam, Nando and Mgbakwu @ 5m each.…to be shared on First Come, First Served Basis!
For Landed Property Purchase Call The Property Commercial Agent On 07068545986

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