3 Things That Could Happen To Your Body When You Eat Egg Every Day

There are so many ways to enjoy this humble food: scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, poached. And Nigerians eat a lot of eggs — about 95 million dozen eggs annually, or approximately 279 eggs per person per year (via WebMD). Egg consumption is on the rise, partly because of eggs’ versatility and partly because of their many health benefits. Today, people see eggs as a sort of superfood — low in calories, high in nutrients — but that wasn’t always the case…..CONTINUE READING

Eating eggs every day can have a lot of positive benefits for your health, but there are a few things you should watch out for — and it’s important to know that not all eggs are created equal.

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1. Eating eggs every day could boost your brainpower.

Eggs are a great source of choline, which plays an important role in brain health. According to “Healthline”, Letter, choline assists with the creation and release of a protein called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine conducts signals between neurons and plays an important role in cognition and memory. Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have lower levels of acetylcholine in their brains, and medications to treat the early stages of the condition work by blocking the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.

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2. Eating eggs may help treat anxiety and depression.

In addition to safeguarding your mental faculties, the choline in eggs may also help protect against anxiety and depression. According to “WebMD”, depression may be caused by low levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter created from choline that carries signals between brain cells. This theory goes against the longstanding belief that depression is the result of low levels of a different brain chemical: serotonin.

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3. You may increase your risk for certain cancers by eating eggs daily.

Is your morning scramble increasing your cancer risk? According to a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, those who ate the most eggs had a significantly increased risk for certain cancers when compared to those who ate the fewest eggs. Egg fanatics were 2.86 times more likely to get breast cancer, 2.23 times more likely to get bladder cancer, and 2.02 times more likely to get oral and throat cancers…..CONTINUE READING